Water Treatment

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It’s the starting block for life, but left untreated, water can do so much more harm than good. Chemicals, metals and bacteria can all pose significant health risks, while also damaging the environment. At the same time, elements within untreated water – such as lime scale – can significantly damage your water system, causing unnecessary expense.

iWater offers a full range of water treatment services to make sure the harmful contents of your water supply are treated and removed. Our menu of services includes:

Water Treatment System Boiler
  • Water Softeners – Water is turned from hard to soft by filtration, the elimination of magnesium, calcium and other metals, and the removal of lime scale to 800ppm. This improves taste as well as helping to preserve your plumbing system.
  • Water Filters – Water is filtered using food-grade iron, manganese and nitrate filters, removing heavy metals including mercury, lead and dioxins, as well as chemicals, such as chlorine. This improves the safety, taste and odour of the water.
  • Chemical Dosing – Untreated water can have very high levels of phosphates, including iron. We can remove these by dosing the water with chemicals – achieving consistent residual ppm.
  • Ultra-Violet Disinfection – This highly-effective, chemical-free method of water treatment penetrates harmful pathogens in the water and destroys 99.99% of illness-causing micro-organisms and bacteria – including E.coli, cryptosporidium and giardia.
Ultra-Violet Tube

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